Sample ETF Portfolios

The Low Cost Balanced ETF Portfolio

The low cost portfolio below is 60% equity, 40% (Canadian) fixed income – commonly referred to as a ‘balanced’ portfolio.  The equity portion of the portfolio is globally diversified.  The (estimated) MER for the portfolio below is only 0.21%!!!  Creating a similar portfolio with mutual funds is likely to have an MER of over 2%.  Here is why keeps costs low matters!

Low Cost Portfolio

The Low Volatility Equity Portfolio

The low volatility equity portfolio will suffer less violent moves up or down as compared to the general stock markets.  One can construct an equity portfolio that to include these low volatility ETFs.  The Volatility…What A Drag posts gives some theory behind why one may consider low volatility investing.

The Global Dividend And Income Portfolio

The global dividend and income portfolio focuses on providing regular payments primarily through equity dividends along with some income from bond ETFs.



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