Where To Buy ETFs?

Canadians mostly invest with advisors who sell mutual funds.  If you want to invest with ETFs, you have to find advisors who are licensed to sell you securities, or you can do-it-yourself using an online, self-directed brokerage.

Self-Directed Brokerages

Globe and Mail publishes and annual ranking of online brokers which can be found here.  Investors can choose a brokerage that best suits their needs.  Trading costs are relatively and for those who don’t mind doing the work themselves, this is a great low-cost option for investing.

Investors then need to find which ETFs that they want to invest in from the ETF providers.

Using Advisors

Investors can also try to find a firm/advisor to work with to who can advise and manage an ETF portfolio.  List of firms regulated by Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC).  It also may be a good idea to check up on your advisor if you are using an IIROC registered advisor.

Canadian Couch Potato has also listed a few advisors one can use.  Please do your homework before picking an advisor right for you.

Hybrid Approach

One may also be able to to find advisors who can help setup an ETF portfolio for a one-time fee (see Canadian Couch Potato website) or an advisor who will manage your investments at your brokerage of choice for a set fee.  For the latter option, I have seen this offered at CastleMoore Inc. but I imagine there are other firms out there too who can provide this service as well.

Note that websites and firms mentioned above are not a reflection of the author’s opinion, they are meant for informational purposes only.


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